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re:each108 is a story of re:connection.

re:each speaks to a return to connection with our re:chartered and re:nurtured self.

re:each108 is a story of re:connection.

re:each speaks to a return to connection with our re:chartered and re:nurtured self. This is pertinent today as humanity re:frames and re:focuses. This name also speaks to a subtle pursuit of seeking our natural purpose. The phrase re’ further implies its meaning of being ‘about,’ and the component of each speaks for the individualism that is nurtured at this retreat.
108 speaks to the wholeness of existence – Renowned mathematicians of Vedic culture viewed 108 as the number of the wholeness of existence.

Project Rationale

Many of us have become separated from our purpose, health, ideals, vision, and even from our mother Earth in our relentless quest for success, and modernisation, to fit in or stand out and achieve. Modern-day human beings have unconsciously become consumed by becoming more outwardly, living in stress not to miss out or to serve our urge for instant gratification. In that pursuit, we have come to find ourselves in conflict with the laws of nature and the resonance of unity consciousness that seems to be the foundation for all creation.

Our fervent push to be more seems to be a massive contributing factor to why so many of us live in a state of bodily dis-ease activated by perceptual trauma, which causes negative emotions such as anger, hurt, guilt, anxiety, and perpetual fear.

The golden thread commonly noticed in ancient wisdom teaching has, in the last decade, been magnified by modern-day scientific findings is “health is wholeness.”

Hope, an immersive experience in nature, and a relevant level of self-awareness are what bear present in individuals that show up whole.

CLA’s chairwoman Nepheritie has spent the last close to twenty years getting to know herself deeply by studying and consuming all there is to know about the human species, nature, the universe, and every individual, theory, and finding she believes could contribute to a greater appreciation for, and understanding of what drives human behaviour, healing and wholeness.

Nepheritie believes that - Unresolved trauma takes away wholeness, which often causes us to stop paying attention to our higher consciousness values. Being aligned to one’s higher consciousness values elicits hope and heightened awareness, moving us away from causes falling into the routine of life that focuses on becoming more of I.

We might be on the brink of the greatest consciousness shift humanity has ever experienced. COVID-19, if anything, has highlighted the importance of returning to wholeness.

re:each 108 serves to create a fully immersive healing community experience.

CLA intends to develop a conscious community that provides a fully immersive integrative experience in nature to all who desire to live in wholeness.

The Vision

Conscious Dome Community - The Journey of Unbecoming - A return to wholeness!
The envisioned community provides

-  Artist retreat (Non-Profit) - which serves to rehabilitate artists + teach them business and people skills
-  Art Collective - An art experience and exhibition + Event Dome includes a coffee shop/ restaurant.
-  Collective Wellness Healing Dome - Integrative Medical Professionals | Functional Nutritionist | Chiro | Integrative Psychologist / NLP Professional | Conscious Lifestyle Coach - serving addiction recovery, terminal illness recovery.

-  Prana - Yoga Dome - providing Breath / Conscious Movement
-  Organic Farm to Fork Experience (Picnic in nature)
-  Botanical Tours
-  Conscious Walking Tours & Mindful Hikes
-  Hive to Home - Organic Honey
-  Horse Riding - Animal/human interaction and therapy
-  Foraging
-  Healing Music Festivals & Ceremonies
-  Natural Plant Medicine Retreats
-  ‘Retreat Yourself’ Bespoke Full Emersion Retreat Experiences for our CSR Partners C-Suite

For various practical reasons, Geodesic Domes will form part of the community offering. 

Based on the work of Buckminster Fuller and ancient Vedic wisdom teachings and philosophers:

Sthapatya Veda 
Sthapatya Veda is an ancient system of knowledge that involves the connection between people and the buildings in which they live and work.

The concept of sthapatya Veda also relates to the design of villages and cities. It is thought that people are affected by the buildings in which they live and work and the communities where they reside. In a design that is in harmony with nature, the person feels content, calm, and fulfilled, while a poorly designed community or structure can lead to sickness, stress, and anxiety.

In modern society, Maharishi Sthapatya Veda, also called Maharishi Vastu Architecture, is a set of principles that establish the proportions and orientation of buildings.

Collaboration partners: Ebony + Ivory; RED! The Gallery

Project Gallery

Project Numbers

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