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Transcending Adversity - Three Rituals to Help You Get Through

Updated: Feb 8, 2022

One of the most challenging things for us to accept is that we live and breathe in abundance beneath all our dreams and disappointments.

Amid adversity, it is challenging to believe that all we ever need is before us, all around and deep within us. Yet it is true.

Like leafless trees in the fall, patiently awaiting the dawn, something as great and as constant as the Earth holds us up and turns us slowly toward the light. Our only task is to be rooted and patient.

Of course, it is so much easier said than done. I know first hand, never had waiting and grounding been more painful for me during the aftermath of my divorce.

I had embarked upon what I now refer to as the biggest to date growth journey of my life, altogether leaving my comfort zone, my certainty, and all I thought I had known, at first the excitement of stepping boldly in pursuit of who I am drove me on every level. Yet it didn’t take too long before I found myself dismissing all the blessings that surrounded me, focusing only on the pain I allowed my mind to feel. Suddenly the pressure of watching my son struggle between the consistent difference in opinion of his daddy and mommy began to unfold in my mind as a painfully challenging experience.

My ex-partner struggled to come to terms with my decision, and the backlash felt as though it would never end. And there I sat amid my greatest challenge, questioning all that I was, my existence, my purpose, and even my Creator. I needed a reason to hope, I needed a reason to see, I needed to know that there was a HIGHER POWER that still held the whole world in His hands.

Perhaps the presence of the Divine is not meant to eliminate pain, for it is in our pain that our strength is birth. Life is not intended to be challenge-free. This is a great truth, one of the greatest truths. It is a great truth because we awaken our innate ability to transcend life's challenges once we begin to accept this truth. In acceptance, there is transcendence - and suddenly, “challenge” matters not. All it is is an opportunity to grow to peel back the layers of illusion and genuinely grow.

I have listed below three of my favorite go-to rituals that have helped me accept and embrace my present and, in so doing, has given me the ability to transcend some of the challenges I have faced; I have every certainty that it will benefit you as significantly as it has me.


1 - Prayerful Meditation

At times amid challenges, we fail to find the words to say, ask, or even speak. I have found that sometimes you need not say a word; stillness is required. Be still, and as you tap into that stillness, realize that you are abundant and connected with yourself. Sit quietly in silence for ten minutes, focusing on your breath; you may gently close your eyes, and as you do allow your eyes to sink deeply to the back of your head, turn your eyes within and appreciate the stillness and abundance you already possess.

2 - Release through writing

Because I love to write, I have found great power in expressing myself through my writing. An excellent exercise I have stumbled upon, my travels, through my training, and via the books I’ve read is My Morning Pages. A great way to do this is to keep a journal at your bedside and empty your mind on paper upon rising. Two to Three pages will do. You may find yourself unable to write, and if you do … Go ahead and write whatever you're thinking at that specific moment in time, even if it's. “ Oh my word, am I doing this? I can’t think of anything to write down right now etc..” and keep going until you’ve filled two or three pages. This exercise, over time, will assist you in ridding yourself of unnecessary elusive data and help focus on what is real love and gratitude, and abundance.

3 - A walk through nature

Nothing grounds me more than a quiet walk through nature. I’m an absolute tree lover; there's this indescribable peacefulness I feel when I find myself surrounded by nature. I’ve often wondered what precisely it is, perhaps the colors of the flowers or the majestic sway of leaves, or maybe it's the abundance I am reminded of when I'm surrounded by such abundant beauty. It's the way the flowers blossom so effortlessly, never competing with the flower next to it, just simply being. Guess we could take a lesson out of that one. How often do we get caught up in doing that we forget to be? To just blossom? My anchor to simply being is nature. When was the last time you took off your shoes and felt the blades of grass underneath your feet? Remember that at the end of this journey, we call life more often than not; we end up regretting those things we never created the opportunity to do as a pose to the things we have.



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