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Swapping Years of Conditioning for Conscious Choice Making

Updated: Feb 6, 2022

Are you on track with your goal for 2022?

Wow, can you believe that half the year has already flown by? It could be just me, but I’d say it feels as though each passing year brings with it extra speed, and so time seems to pass us by a little faster every 365.

With that said, I’d say it certainly is an excellent time to check in with yourself. A great way to do this is through being intentional for the year ahead and what you hope to achieve!

If you’ve just done a quick mental check, you’ve just realized that you are either making steady progress on your goals?

Are you maybe - despite your best efforts to stick to your plan - consistently stuck in re-engaging un-serving patterns of behavior and thought processes, as so many of us are?

Can you imagine what fantastic things you could accomplish and achieve and how connected and satisfying your relationships could be if only you knew how to break free of the thought and behavior patterns you've been unconsciously running and perhaps even stuck in? The key is becoming aware of your choices at every moment. Conscious choice-making is what world-renowned expert on mind-body medicine, Deepak Chopra, and many other internationally acclaimed human behavior experts, such as Tony Robbins, Tad James, Robin Sharma, Robert Simic, and Richard Bandler ( all of which I am very grateful to have had the pleasure of either working or training with ) call the most effective way to break free from conditioning to create the life we truly desire. During my travels and work, I have learned that, instead of acting as a bundle of conditioned reflexes and nerves that people and circumstances constantly trigger to produce predictable responses, we can become conscious and deliberate creators of a brand new reality. Most of us don’t know how to do it, but everyone can learn! So here’s me sharing my fantastic experience with you. Here’s a 10-minute exercise that will get you started. Give this simple 3-step process for conscious choice-making a bash!

What do you have to lose?

Step 1: Witness the choices you make in every moment. In doing so, you bring your decision-making process from the unconscious realm into the conscious realm.

Step 2: Before making a choice, ask yourself two questions: What are the consequences of this choice that I’m making? And will this choice bring happiness and fulfillment to me, as well as to others?

Step 3: Tune in to your body’s inner wisdom. As you consider the choice before you, pay attention to the sensations in your body and use your feelings of comfort or discomfort to guide you.

Most of us receive the message of comfort or discomfort in the heart area. Some accept it in our solar plexus (the proverbial “gut feeling”). Putting your attention on your heart, ask your body, “How do I feel about this choice?”If your body sends a feeling of comfort and eagerness, you can plunge ahead. If your body sends a signal of physical or emotional distress, recognize that this isn’t a choice that will lead you in the direction of your life’s dreams.

If you’ve just done a quick mental check, you’ve just realized that you are either making steady progress on your goals?

Pause and consider other possibilities until you find a choice that resonates with your heart’s guidance.

Mastering the art of conscious decision-making is just a critical step to deliberately creating the life you’ve always wanted. So here's to you getting the art of conscious decision-making.

Nepheritie Jade

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