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Thu, 21 Oct


Online Seminar

3 Month Part-time 5 certification Course

This course is made up of 5 Certifications and also includes our 2 Day Personal Breakthrough Xperience as well as our 4 Day NLP Practitioner Training which is spread out in our part-time 5 certification Training syllabus.

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3 Month Part-time 5 certification Course
3 Month Part-time 5 certification Course

Time & Location

21 Oct 2021, 10:00 SAST – 21 Jan 2022, 14:00 SAST

Online Seminar

About the Event

CLA's three month 5 Certification Course teaches and certifies the graduate in Time Line Therapy, Hypnosis, NLP Coach and Integrative Life Coaching as well as NLP Practitioner techniques.

We have been invested in our coaching methods for over a decade now and believe in adding extensive value on many different levels to our Coaches and Clients.

Our courses are recognised both Nationally and Internationally by

COMENSA - Coaches and Mentors of South Africa (RSA)

ANLP - Association of NLP (UK)

ABNLP - American Board of NLP (USA)

You will be exposed to NLP, Hypnosis, Time Line Therapy and NLP Coaching intellectual theory as well as a variety of techniques that you will get to experience and demonstrate on fellow students!

Some of these include:

Elicitation of your Driving question

We all seem to be driven by one specific question that seems to drive the majority of our thoughts, states and behaviours. Eliciting this question and realising its true impact on your life is truly priceless. Once aware of it, you get to improve or change it. You also learn how to install.


The skill of connecting with people. How would you like to learn how to, at will, create comfortable and easy relationships; to get people to like you and trust you; to make them feel at ease, feeling that they can open up to you and genuinely feel safe and free with you? Rapport makes anything communicable and this is a skill that everyone should know about. Imagine if we could all just communicate effortlessly with each other... this would be a very different world to live in.

Milton Model

Learning the art of communication on a whole new level. Becoming in charge of the level of specificity or vagueness in any given conversation, depending on what would serve you the most. From causing people to feel comfortable and relaxed to having them aware of all the necessary details required for clarity.


Learning the art and power of purposeful storytelling. We are very easily affected by stories that we so naturally share with other people. When reading stories to our kids, we hope they adopt certain attitudes, qualities of character, we hope they learn life lessons from them. We learn the best when we don’t know we are being

taught. Utilising this wonderful tool, we can even solve many problems, so effortlessly.

Swish Pattern

You know that changing habits is hard, everybody knows that! Well, once you educate yourself on this level and have deeper insights of how the mind works and how behaviour operates... you’ll know how to change unwanted habits and swap them with desired behaviours. Best part – doing so takes only about 10 min to successfully do! Priceless!


This is another gem from our linguistics section. The power of handling objections. Learn how to easily reframe any given objection. No matter what objection gets thrown your way, you’ll know how to easily twist it, spin it and change its meaning. This changes everything and objections become obsolete. Priceless in sales, arguments and everyday life.


This is about being in charge of your state, your emotional being. It is possible to anchor any given state (ie motivated) and have a spot on your body that you could use to trigger it whenever you may need that state. We all have “buttons” that our closest ones know how to “press”. With anchoring, everything changes and you become the master of your own “buttons” so that you can always be in a state of your choice, state that serves you the most in any given situation.

Parts Integration

Imagine feeling whole again and aligned with the you that you would like to be? Imagine all doubts and incongruences absolutely gone from your mind? Imagine operating as one whole, free from any conflicts and unresolved decisions? Well... that is always the outcome of this process. Hard to describe the effects in words, as “feeling the wholeness inside of you” just doesn’t seem to do it justice.

Letting go of ALL emotional baggage

Years of accumulated negative emotions like anger, sadness, fear, hurt, guilt... can be totally released. Can you even imagine being free of any and all past burdens of life, truly letting go of all unresolved issues? This process affects your identity and your perceptions of the past, allowing room for a much brighter future.  Most people already know that our unresolved burdens, things that we carry inside... act as a root cause of all

our dis-eases. Healing is really easy and possible when we find the root cause of what creates the issue in the first place and resolve/overcome it.

This process is almost magical and one of the best gifts that I could ever give to another human being. A real ticket to a new start.

Replacing limiting beliefs

We've spent years seeking an effective way to change my limiting beliefs. Like most people, we grew up in an environment that teaches us about our limitations and what we cannot do in life, what we will never have or be able to achieve/become. We've discovered and learned that changing one's beliefs equates to changing their reality. If every individual could have a stronger, healthier self-image and change the way they see themselves...  They would feel differently about themselves. They would aim higher in all areas of their life! But sadly, most gurus today can only teach you how to do affirmations in different ways and how endless repetition of the properly formatted new statements will make the change. It may take you years of new daily rituals to achieve that desired change and truly align yourself with the life that you want. Not many people have that much determination and willingness to succeed. The good news is that we teach techniques, that will enable you to change ANY limiting belief (regardless of its age and strength) in a matter of minutes!

Imagine affording yourself an opportunity to change any limiting beliefs, doubts, sabotaging questions... where would your life take you with all that natural and effortless confidence? This section alone is easily worth your entire investment in this training.


Freedom from crippling and debilitating phobias (regardless of how big or old they are). We show you how to easily overcome this irrational fear and set yourself or your clients free for good.


Anxiety is different from all the other emotions. Sadness, fear, etc... are all linked and related to our past. Anxiety is an emotion linked to our future! Think about this: you cannot feel anxious about something that has happened in the past, can you? You can only feel anxiety when your mind is focusing on your future, something that hasn’t happened yet and that you are imagining ending up badly. This process ensures that you alleviate all anxiety from your life and set yourself free from worries and negative thinking patterns about your future. Years of medication or a life-changing process?

Goal Setting

After we are sure that our clients are free from their past burdens and limiting beliefs and are aligned internally with their goals... we help them gear their minds toward creating that life, achieving those results in a way that they are bound to happen. What would you want... if you KNEW you couldn’t fail?

By now you would have realised, that this is an extremely fulfilling and enriching content and experience filled programme.

We have graduated many students and their world, as they view it and contribute to it, has changed dramatically. There are now free and full of joy, totally in charge of their own state and the results that they create in their life.

Our Institute is currently the only Institute in South Africa that we know of that offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all our courses, workshops and one on one coaching programs.

We trust this gives you a more detailed sense of what you are to experience and learn with us.


  • 5 Certifications Course

    R 29 950,00
    +R 748,75 service fee


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